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We have high school sports training programs specifically designed to prepare, develop, maintain and improve your game.

In addition, our programs focus on preparing the body for the rigors of playing multiple sports or seasons throughout the year.

Furthermore, all of our programs are player, sport and season specific. Every player has different needs and specific areas they need to improve to take their game to the next level.

For that reason, we create custom training programs that include conditioning, skill training, speed and agility, strength and performance training to target specific areas of weakness.

Similarly, we build upon the strengths that you already possess in your game to make you more effective in those areas. By building upon your areas of strength it will be able to offset some of the areas of weakness you may possess.

Lastly, we are dedicated to helping every player that trains with us become a complete player and student athlete. Overall, a player only gets better by putting in the work, training to improve specific aspects of their game and having fun playing doing what they do.


High School Sports Training Programs


Below are some of the sports training programs we have developed for high school athletes looking to improve their game.

Additionally, if there is not a program listed below to meet your specific needs, we can make a custom training program for you.


We Provide High School Training Programs For Grades 7th-12th Grade.


Better yet, all high school level athletes from grades 9-12 that enroll for any of our HS training services will receive our 30-day Strength, Speed and Conditioning Plan.


Fitness Test/Assessment Preparation


Are you an underclassman looking to make the varsity team? If you are in 7th or 8th grade a player must pass a physical assessment test to play varsity. This program is designed to help you prepare and pass the fitness test.


Pre-Season Prep


Are you really prepared to make the team and for the start of your season? Preparing your body and mind to have a great season is of utmost importance. This program works on conditioning, skill training, strength, speed and agility and foot work.


College Pre-Season Prep


Are you getting ready to start your college sports career? This program is designed for recent grads that want to prepare for the start of the college season. Additionally, this program offers sport specific, elite level targeted training that is designed for the college game.


Mid-Season Maintenance


Are you feeling sluggish, weaker or not playing up to your potential? Having the ability to keep  your body, mind and game on point throughout the season will make you a better player. This is a 1 x week seasonal program to keep your body performing at an optimal level.


Complete Player Training


To become a complete player, in whatever sport you choose, takes consistent training and focus on that sport. In reality, the players that are dedicated to their bodies and improving their skill are the athletes that tend to go on and play a college sport.

This year round program is designed for athletes looking to grow their game exponentially and those looking to potentially play in college.


Event Tune Up


Do you have a tournament or event you need to prepare for in a timely manner? This program is designed to provide sports specific training and maximum repetitions to get you ready to perform at your best.


Strength Performance Program


Most people believe the only way to increase strength is by lifting weights. In fact, I highly recommend that no athlete does any heavy weight training before the age of 16.

Therefore, we have developed a program based on Navy Seal calisthenic performance training.

By design, this program focuses on full body and deep core strength training with minimal weight use to increase deep core muscle strength.


Other High School Training Services


Soccer Training


Our soccer training program is designed to improve all aspects of your game including shooting, dribbling, field vision, ball control, trapping and passing to name few. Learn More


Basketball Training


Our basketball training program is designed to improve all aspects of your game including shooting, finishing around the rim, ball handling, shot fakes, pivots, setting up the defense, cutting and court awareness to name few. Learn More


Lacrosse Training


Our lacrosse training program is designed to improve all aspects of your game. This includes shooting, dodging, stick work, cradling, field vision, foot work, passing and goalie specific work to name a few. Learn More


Speed and Agility Training


The speed and agility training program at Long Island Sports Training is designed to provide foundational speed, foot speed, strength and agility training techniques, athleticism and dynamic athletic movements. Learn More


Small Group Training


We provide small group training for soccer, basketball and lacrosse. Our small group training programs look to improve the players overall speed, strength, and conditioning. We do this by incorporating sports specific training, skill training and game situations. Learn More


Team Training


Long Island Sports Training provides team training services for soccer, basketball and lacrosse. It does not matter if you are a club, high school or youth team, we have team training programs that will facilitate all your teams needs. Learn More





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