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Long Island Speed and Agility Trainer


The speed and agility training program at Long Island Sports Training is designed to provide foundational speed, foot speed, strength and agility training techniques, athleticism and dynamic athletic movements.

In most sports, the saying goes “speed kills”! Ultimately, meaning that one fast and dynamic player can break down another teams whole defense.

With that said, the only way to improve your speed, agility and dynamic movements is to practice.

You have to practice running fast, practice cutting and foot work, and practice moving in a dynamic fashion to improve those faucets of your game.

Come get faster, stronger and more agile with us!


Cutting Edge Speed and Agility Training Services


All of our programs are age, fitness, sport specific and athletically appropriate.

We challenge all of our athletes to be mentally and physically tough while providing a fun, motivating, competitive and safe environment for them to develop and excel.


We Provide Custom Training Services For All Ages 7 And Over.


Long Island Sports Training’s speed and agility training program will help improve the following aspects of your fitness.




Depending on the sport, hand eye or foot eye coordination is essential to maximum performance. We work on catching, throwing, kicking, receiving, balance and body control.


Running Technique


Having the right running technique will help make the process of improving your speed. We work on stride smoothness, explosion, leg and arm coordination.


Body Weight Strength


Can you lift your body weight with dumbbells? Most people over 175 lbs can not. We work on building your core body strength through calisthenics.


First Step Quickness


Everyone loves to be first! The first step in any move is one of the most important in putting your defender on their heels or beating them to the ball. We work on ladder footwork and explosive movements.


Change of Direction


Which way did he/she go? Being able to stop on a dime and change direction will give you the ability to separate yourself from your defender. We work on plyometrics, box training and jump rope training to improve your change of direction.


Flexibility/Injury Prevention 


Ever pull a major muscle like a hamstring or quadricep muscle? It is painful and can keep you from playing for weeks at a time. We work on dynamic stretching, static stretching and functional training to increase flexibility and help with injury prevention.




Ever see how an athlete that shows up to preseason with poor conditioning performs? In fact, conditioning your muscles, lungs and organs for the sports that you play is one of the most important things you can do as an athlete. We work on full body and sport specific conditioning to keep you in tip top shape!


Linear Speed


Linear simply means “straight line” and straight line speed will help you with defender separation and beating the defense to the ball. We work on sprinting explosion, strides and technique.


Multi-Directional Speed


Ever watch a football scouting combine? It is multi-directional speed at its finest! Being able to change directions with speed and quickness is something that needs to be practiced regularly to achieve their results. We work with cone drills, jump ladders, footwork rings and quick feet training to improve your directional speed.


Upper and Lower Body Strength


Our programs are steeped in calisthenics with main focus of improving deep core muscle strength. So, be ready for a lot of push ups, pull ups, sit ups, squats, lunges and stance jacks to improve your deep core muscle strength.


Speed and Agility Training Pricing


Private Training Pricing


1 Session – $70

6 Sessions – $350 (save $70)

12 Sessions – $650 (save $190)


Group Training Pricing


1 Hour – $25/per player

  • Minimum of 4 players
  • Maximum of 8 players

Team Training Pricing


2 Hours – $25/per player

  • Minimum of 8 players


*The team must provide the field or practice facility for any training session.



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