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Suffolk County Cities Served by Long Island Sports Training


Below is a list of cities and town’s in Suffolk County, NY that Long Island Sports Training is able to service.

Please note that there may be an additional fee for any in-home private trainings. This fee is required for any training outside of the allotted 10 mile radius of Long Island Sports Training.


Suffolk County, NY


Long Island Sports Training Services



Soccer Training


Our soccer training program is designed to improve all aspects of your game including shooting, dribbling, field vision, ball control, trapping and passing to name few. Learn More


Baseball Training


Our baseball training program is broken down into baseball pitcher training, hitting and position training. We have custom baseball training programs to address all 3 of these critical areas. Learn More


Basketball Training


Our basketball training program is designed to improve all aspects of your game including shooting, finishing around the rim, ball handling, shot fakes, pivots, setting up the defense, cutting and court awareness to name few. Learn More


Lacrosse Training


Our lacrosse training program is designed to improve all aspects of your game. This includes shooting, dodging, stick work, cradling, field vision, foot work, passing and goalie specific work to name a few. Learn More


Speed and Agility Training


The speed and agility training program at Long Island Sports Training is designed to provide foundational speed, foot speed, strength and agility training techniques, athleticism and dynamic athletic movements. Learn More


Small Group Training


We provide small group training for soccer, basketball and lacrosse. Our small group training programs look to improve the players overall speed, strength, and conditioning. We do this by incorporating sports specific training, skill training and game situations. Learn More


Team Training


Long Island Sports Training provides team training services for soccer, basketball and lacrosse. It does not matter if you are a club, high school or youth team, we have team training programs that will facilitate all your teams needs. Learn More


High School Sports Training Programs


We have developed high sports training programs for high school athletes looking to improve their game. We have programs ranging from HS Fitness Test Prep, Complete Player Training, Event Tune Up, Pre-Season Prep, College Pre-Season Prep and Mid-Season Maintenance programs to help you meet the demands of a HS sports season. Learn More


Youth Sport Training Programs


We developed a holistic approach to youth sports training to see quick growth and development. We have programs ranging from Beginner Academy, Complete Player Training, Travel Player Elite, Travel Season Prep, Try Out Prep and Event Tune Up programs to develop essential skills and meet the rigors of long youth seasons. Learn More




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